An inaugural ceremony for Astronomy club was held on Monday 13th November 2023 at 10 am at Auditorium, Ahalia Public School. Ms. Latha Prakash, Principal of Ahalia Public School welcomed the guests Dr. Sriganesh Sankaranarayanan (Convener of Ahalia Astronomy Club), Ms. Niramla Haridasan (Academic Director, Ahalia Public School) and Smt. Devi Ramankutty (Senior Physics Faculty, Ahalia Public School). The program was followed by enlightening the students the purpose and importance astronomy. This would be a platform for them to learn about amateur astronomy and to understand the basic concepts of astronomy and astrophysics as well as to explore the observing techniques. This in turn promote rational thinking and an understanding of nature of science. This offers opportunities to the students in understanding celestial bodies, their origin and changes along with the role of science in exploration and understanding the universe. The program was further continued by the inauguration of the Astronomy Club.