Middle School : Guiding The Path To Excellence

As students transition to the middle stage of their education, our school recognizes the significance of this phase and is committed to offering a top-notch learning experience. With a keen focus on abstract concepts in subjects like science, mathematics, and social science, we provide interactive, experiential, and competency-based learning and teaching.

What sets us apart :

  • Enhancing academic pursuits through various subject enrichment activities, fostering a well-rounded development.
  • Learning experiences through field trips and excursions which connect theory to the real world.
  • Innovative teaching strategies like workshops, seminars, presentations, and discussions to reinforce concepts and encourage deeper understanding.
  • Our engaging curriculum includes vocational crafts and ten bagless days, allowing students to explore hands-on skills.
  • We’ve introduced skill-based subjects to prepare students for a dynamic world.
  • Dance, drama, music, art, craft, martial arts etc to empower students to express and explore their creative talents.
  • Literary activities, debates, story writing, and competitions to enhance linguistic and critical thinking skills.
  • Our skill-oriented ICT curriculum empowers students for a digitally connected world.
  • Intra-section and inter-section competitions, class assemblies, and social awareness campaigns to nurture values and a competitive spirit.

Diverse learning areas: Languages (English, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit), Mathematics, Science, Social science, Computer science, Visual and performing arts, Physical and health education, Life skills, GK and Value education. Our Middle School Programme offers a broader curriculum to match growing abilities, transitioning from skills to experiential learning. Join us in empowering students to embrace knowledge, develop skills, and forge a path toward excellence.