Herbal Garden Inaguration

The program started at 11 am with a prayer.

Mr. Sajith, Section head welcomed the gathering.

A brief introduction about herbal garden was given by Dr. K. Haridasan, Consultant, Bio-resources, Green Ahalia.

Our Chief guest Mrs. Parvathi warrier, President, OISCA international south India chapter and Mrs. Anitha OISCA International south India chapter, have briefed the importance of herbal plants.

A special address was given by Dr. Sheba sunil Principal, Ahalia ayurveda collage.

Our respected Principal Mrs Latha Prakash and our respected Academic Director Mrs Nirmala Haridasan briefed about the skill subject and how to take up the garden further.

Our Chief guest Mrs. Parvathi warrier inaugurated the occasion by planting a sapling,followed by the students.