Primary School : Nurturing Young Minds

Embarking on the journey of formal education, our Primary School Programme, is a continuation of the strong foundation built during the pre-primary years. This phase takes learning to new horizons through experiential methods, bridging concepts with real-life scenarios, and fostering analytical thinking.

What sets us apart :

  • We seamlessly integrate experiential learning with creativity, embracing art, music, and dance, to unleash the full potential of every child.
  • Our pedagogy is versatile, offering learners the freedom to explore and discover through diverse avenues.
  • Beyond academics, we focus on developing essential life skills, equipping our students for the challenges ahead.
  • Our students learn through experimentation, observation, and analysis, building a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • Basic numeracy and mathematical concepts are nurtured, providing a strong grasp of fundamental skills.
  • We hone language skills, encourage creative writing, and cultivate a love for reading, igniting a lifelong passion.
  • Our skill-oriented ICT curriculum empowers students for a digitally connected world.
  • Regular sessions instil life skills and values, nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Diverse learning areas: Languages (English, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit), Mathematics, Science, Social science, Computer science, Visual and performing arts, Physical and health education, Life skills, GK and Value education. At our school, the scheme of examination aligns with the guidelines set by CBSE, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process. Join us in sculpting young minds for a future of learning, growth, and purpose.