Early Learning Centre

Welcome to Ahalia’s Early Learning Centre, where we believe in nurturing the boundless potential within every child. Our centre is a haven designed to cultivate young minds, providing an environment where growth and learning intertwine.Our philosophy is centered around fostering holistic development. We recognize that early childhood is a critical time for cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to creating a safe and supportive space where children can explore, create, and connect with their peers.

Our Pre-Primary curriculum sets the tone for learning by kindling the inherent curiosity in young children for learning. This phase celebrates children’s innate curiosity and zest for engaging activities. While building pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, we also nurture social, personal, critical, and creative thinking abilities.

Discover our approach :

We emphasize on holistic development of children across physical, creative, emotional and social domains.

  • Through vibrant activities encompassing art, craft, music, and dance, we encourage hands-on learning.
  • Children are allowed to explore their surroundings, discovering new interests, and satisfying their inquisitiveness.
  • Our pedagogy includes captivating toys, imaginative teaching aids, storytelling, role-play, group activities, and rhythmic rhymes.
  • Thematic based activities which foster motor skills, creativity, teamwork, and social aptitude, nurturing well-rounded growth.
  • Festivals and special observances instil cultural appreciation and a deep sense of diversity.
  • Our program ensures a seamless transition to primary school, setting the foundation for formal learning.

Join us at Ahalia’s Early Learning Centre, where young minds embark on a journey of joyful discovery, growth, and preparedness for the exciting world of formal education.