Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a celebration of childhood and innocence. This year students of Ahalia Public School celebrated this wonderful day in a special manner. While the day was jam-packed with celebrations and activities on campus, a few representatives of Ahalians spent this day with inmates of Karunya Geriatric Care Centre, Palakkad and Anugraha Bhavan, Chittali. They did true justice to the adage ‘Sharing is Caring’. Our students shared their presence, time, care and attention with them and the greatest gift they received back was a smile on their faces. Students of 7A and 7C who visited Karunya Geriatric Care Centre engaged the Alzheimer’s affected elders there with music and games. Students of 9A & B visited Anugraha Bhavan (Pain and Palliative Care Centre) and spent their time interacting with God’s Special kids. Moreover, these children also carried a few gifts that were purchased with the ‘one day’s pocket money’ scheme to which the whole Ahalians had contributed. On the whole, it was a fulfilling experience for our students. Let this be their first step towards becoming a socially responsible citizen.