Onam Celebration

On August 25, 2023, the school celebrated Onam with great enthusiasm and traditional fervor. The festivities commenced with an open assembly, where the spirit of Onam was brought to life. A student, dressed as Maveli, added a regal touch to the proceedings. The melodious tunes of Onam songs sung by students filled the air, and their graceful dance performances added color and vibrancy to the celebration.

To showcase the traditional art forms of Kerala, the teachers performed a captivating Thiruvathira Kali dance, showcasing their talent and dedication to preserving cultural heritage.

To further enhance the festive atmosphere, the school organized a Pookalam (flower carpet) competition and Vadam Vali (tug of war) competition, both conducted on a house-wise basis. These competitions not only encouraged friendly competition but also allowed students to actively participate in preserving and promoting the rich traditions of Onam.