Investiture Ceremony 2023-24

During this event, it was heartwarming to witness the genuine happiness radiating from each child as they embraced their roles and responsibilities, taking the pledge to become the new leaders of their school community. In a spirited procession, our cabinet members, house leaders, and prefects marched with pride. They were honored to receive their badges […]

Wealth from Waste

On July 7, 2023, students from classes 5 to 8 actively participated in the “Wealth from Waste” activity. During this event, students collected recyclable bottles, papers, and various craft materials. With creativity and enthusiasm, they transformed these seemingly ordinary items into beautiful artifacts, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and their ability to create something valuable […]

Red Day

On July 5, 2023 (Red Day), as part of the Red Day celebration, students from the KG sections participated by wearing captivating and beautiful red-colored outfits. Additionally, engaging activities were organized, including paper crushing and dipping red colour with bottle tops to create ladybug drawings.

World Food Safety Day

On June 7, 2023, World Food Safety Day was conducted with the primary objective of raising awareness among students about food standards. The event emphasised the importance of safe food handling, storage, and preparation. Students from classes I to XII actively participated in the celebration, and a special assembly was organised by Class IX – […]