Onam Celebration

Onam Celebration

On August 25, 2023, the school celebrated Onam with great enthusiasm and traditional fervor. The festivities commenced with an open assembly, where the spirit of Onam was brought to life. A student, dressed as Maveli, added a regal touch to the proceedings. The melodious tunes of Onam songs sung by students filled the air, and […]

Inter House Relay Competition

 On August 18, 2023, an exhilarating Inter House Relay Competition took place, adding a vibrant touch to the day’s activities. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of classes 3 to 6, showcasing their team spirit and athletic prowess. The competition unfolded on the grounds of Aps, where students eagerly demonstrated their speed and coordination […]

Entrepreneurship Club Meeting

On August 18, 2023, the Entrepreneurship Club held a meeting that included activities such as report presentations on famous entrepreneurs Steve Jobs and Ratan Tata, discussions on their business development strategies, and a lively debate comparing Apple iPhone and Samsung. The next club meeting will involve students preparing a comprehensive business plan for their own […]

Music Club students learned and practiced an Onam song

On August 18, 2023, the Music Club fulfilled a special request from students. In response to their request, Music Club students learned and practiced an Onam song. Following their preparation, students were grouped together to perform the song in front of fellow club members, fostering a sense of musical camaraderie and celebration.

Literary Club organized a Debate

On August 18, 2023, the Literary Club organized a Debate in class 9. Students were divided into Team Boon and Team Curse to discuss the “Complexities of the Social Media Phenomenon.” This event stimulated critical thinking, improved verbal communication, and boosted confidence. The next activity planned is News Reporting.

Quiz Club discussed several topics

On August 18, 2023, the Quiz Club discussed several topics including Ethnic Day, Independence Day, and National Sports Day. The significance of each day was explored, and questions related to these events were asked. Images of national leaders were displayed, and questions about their names, quotes, and more were posed. Brief biographies of these leaders […]

IT Club meeting

On August 18, 2023, during the IT Club meeting, children displayed their creativity and technical skills by crafting various models of computer components using hardboard. They applied their unique ideas and ingenuity in this hands-on activity, showcasing their enthusiasm for technology and innovation.

Bolstering environmental awareness

On August 18, 2023, the Eco Club executed a comprehensive set of programs aimed at bolstering environmental awareness and sustainability within the school community. These programs encompassed an insightful Awareness Program, which emphasized the importance of trees, the role of rain, and efficient waste management practices. In a bid to nurture a greener environment, Eco […]

Independence Day Celebration

On August 15, as part of the Independence Day Celebration, an engaging activity  “Enacting Freedom Fighters” was organized for students of classes 1 and 2. This activity aimed to foster a deeper connection between children and India’s history by allowing them to step into the shoes of our valiant freedom fighters. Through these enactments, students […]


on August 10, 2023, Dr. Parvathy Warrier, a retired Professor and former Head of the Department of English at Mercy College, Palakkad, who holds the prestigious position of Vice President of OISCA International South, was present. Alongside her was Ms. Priya Venkatesh, a dedicated Coordinator for Education & Training in OISCA Women’s Chapter, and a […]